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HL7 Message Validator.

HL7 Message Validation

Generate a persistent list of HL7 validation runs with the message validator. Includes detailed run data, fully searchable and stored for later access. A variety of results from the validator indicate at a glance which messages need reformatting.

Lint Run Reports

Each HL7 message contains its own generated report, indicating any options selected, details of the original file, and the options to view an HTML report directly in your browser. Save the report to your computer so that you may have access to it outside the validator website.

Profiles and Excludes

When validating an HL7 message, simply select a file from your computer, set any options you wish to exclude from the generated report, then select a validation profile. Profiles include Australian and International standards, and as we develop more profiles, they will become available for you to test with.

Comprehensive HTML Report

The HL7 Message Validator generates an easy to read, comprehensive HTML report, which clearly indicates where your messages are failing validation. This report is persistently linked to your uploaded file and may also be downloaded so you have access to it anywhere. Alternatively, view the report directly in your browser for fast access to the results.

Easy Login Options

Link your account to either your Google or Linkedin social media accounts, allowing you a two click login with no need to remember a username or password to login. Access the site on desktop or mobile for your convenience.